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Life here on Earth is very simple once you "zoom out" to see the bigger picture. Mostly everything is always an ebb and flow, a give and take, an opening and closing. Tides, seasons, plants, relationships, and most importantly there is an ebb and flow within ourselves. For me, this means standing in my truth, reminding my heart of it's open-ness and tuning in to that conscious realm. It seems for the past 10 or so years, I have been watching the tides of my heart and soul come and go, each time the waters of truth get a little bit further up on the sand and the erosion of the ego continuously uncovers what is pure. This layer peeling can be a bit uncomfortable. When the tides recede and I am left vanuerable and exposed is when I am faced with making the choice to fall back into my patterns that are no longer serving me, (which is comfortable of course) or I can choose to feel complete with whatever the lesson may be and tell the universe that I no longer resonate with that vibration. Here is an example that my sweetest soul sister and I spoke about recently:

You're late. Maybe you're always late, maybe you're never late. But this time, you are late to something important. Something you cannot be late to without FEELING like you are letting someone down. The whole way there you worry, you speed, you cast frustration on the drivers who are going slower than you. In a frenzy to get there on time, the "story" of what the outcome may be is running wild through your head. You're energy is all sorts of crazy and all you can think about is rushing.
You arrive and you are now too late. Here's where the pattern comes in.. do you throw a mini (or large) fit and let it completely change your whole day, or do you accept what is gracefully and release the angry chaotic vibrations..take a deep breath and carry on as if nothing happened. Being present..I MEAN REALLY PRESENT.. as in, this is a new minute, and I don't have to do my same ol "freak out because I was late" scenario!

For me, choosing to not be upset would be breaking the pattern. Recently, when I am feeling as if I am late, I really focus on "I'll get there when I get there, and I won't be upset about it!"
Everything is perfect and as it should be, and next time, I will try not to be late. I will not be hard on myself or feel like the world is crashing down.

So, I am late in posting.. as in, maybe a year or longer.. and I may have let you, my readers down.. But to be completely in my truth, as I said before, I am a whole new woman writing this post, and so join me as I completely revamp my blog and reveal what blooming I have endured. The most exciting thing is the release of these hats! Which are currently being screen printed right here in Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu, where we are currently calling hOMe. I approved the first sample, which felt like magic in my hand, and I'm stoked to offer these as Pre-order. If you want to order one from the first batch.. please visit the SHOP here. Aloha!

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