A few weeks have passed and we are more than thrilled to have our little family complete again! Daddy returned home from his deployment safe and sound! The hour+ that we joyfully waited at the pier was captured by the sweetest photographer Debbie Jones as part of a program where photographers donate a free of cost homecoming session to military families through a site called www.WelcomeThemHome.org 
Although he did not actually get off the ship until well into the dark night, which meant the actual kisses, hugs and loving weren't able to be captured due to lighting (We were prepared for a 4 o'clock arrival).. the photos of us waiting are gems anyhow!
E Komo Mai (Welcome) US Coast Guard Cutter RUSH!

The excitement and anticipation grew by the minute.

All of the sudden the ships horn blew as they came around the corner into the Honolulu Harbor

We waited and looked, hoping to spot him.. we searched..

and searched... 

We finally saw him! He was on the small boat the whole time!

And then he saw us!

Now you can use your imagination and dream up our beautiful reunion!

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  1. So grateful your little family is complete! Welcome home John!! You sure were missed!
    Love you all the way from Texas!!