Spalding House Discovering

On the first Wednesday of each month, a really beautiful museum opens for FREE (yay!) to the public, which is especially sweet for little spirits. They have the most beautiful grounds, trails, a cafe that is SO yummy, a sweet creative play Family Lounge for kiddos and *drum roll please*..Story time in the most imaginative room you can dream of! "Storytelling sessions for children age 3 to 7 are held the first Wednesday of each month, 11:30am-noon, in the Cades Pavilion."
Harlow, Taj and Momma were in heaven here on the sprawling lush green sculpture-filled gardens overlooking Diamond Head and Honolulu. The Spalding House Museum which is part of the Honolulu Art Museum, is a place where you can comfortably immerse your children (and yourself) in rich culture, vibrant art, and peacefulness away from city life. 

Free Days are as follows, so take advantage!!
Spalding House Family Sundays: Third Sunday of the month, 11am-4pm (events end at 3pm) AND the First Wednesday of every month

Usually my photography is much straighter, but I forgot my carrier for Taj *insert gasp here* and was chasing a very happy toddler.. so please pardon the slightly crooked photos! 

// Diamond Head and Waikiki in view from the lawn //


// Reflection pool and Cades Pavillion (yarm bombed building!!) //

// sweet little yarn apples in the Cafe //

// Cades Pavillion, completely yarn bombed building.. yup. awesome. //

// Madonna's bra? //

// Happy as can be //

// Story Telling //

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