Pua Pikake

Harlow is, as you know, just like her momma. A gypsy soul who worships the earth and it's living creatures. On our walks, she spots flowers from so far and commences a mission to get every last one. Yesterday was no exception when she collected a beautiful bunch. When we got home I asked her where she would like to display them (which usually ends up being our altar) but on this day she wanted to decorate the Hula girl! It just goes to show that having art in your home really is for everyone.

So, Harlow and I have adorned this lovely blonde Hula girl, "Pua Pikake" meaning sweet Jasmine flower. This 9x12 original on vintage hawaiian sheet music, is available for purchase. She comes mounted in a hand built reclaimed wood shadow box. Visit my SHOP link above! Happy Aloha Sunday! 

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