Old Pali Road Trail

If there is one thing that I passed down to Harlow, it's absolutely her adventurous gypsy soul.  This little sprite craves exploring and it just so happens that her momma is more than happy to oblige! We "hiked" (if you can call it that) the Old Pali Road, and it was beautiful! The road is a gentle slope down, making it leisurely and mellow, perfect to get a toddler used to the idea of hiking. Along the way we found sleeping grass, which closes up when you touch it.. yellow ginger that smelled amazing, guava, coffee trees, maiden hair fern, beautiful banyan trees and lilikoi. My sweet girl is such a trooper and will really try anything. She ate a fresh guava straight from the tree and begged for more! Even I can't handle the seeds in those well, but she devoured it! If you are looking for a hike on Oahu that's easy for young babes, this one is mostly shaded, paved, and has great views! Even Harlow wanted to be held to take in the "beautiful beautiful views" as she described them. ;)

// Maiden Hair Fern //

// Call me "Super Momma"//

// Lush green Ko'olau Mountains //

// Shady and exciting! //

// Guava //

// Yellow Awapuhi, or ginger //

// Collecting Guava //

// Eating guava //

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