Macadamia Nut Farm Adventure

Sometimes my gypsy soul needs to just get in the car and boogie with no destination in sight. We always land somewhere that happens to be exactly what our hearts have been needing, and on this particular day.. our hearts needed nuts. Macadamia nuts!

Steve and Chrissy Paty started out selling mac nuts on the hood of their car two decades ago, and now they have a very popular to the tourist world farm which happens to be just a car ride away from our home. The beautiful winding road makes for a shady leisurely drive jamming to tunes, and when you arrive it is open and inviting. It's free to visit and the best part? MACADAMIA NUT EVERYTHING!! You can taste test just about every flavor they create, sip on a free cup of mac nut coffee or pick up a delish bar of soap. outside in the back they have set up a rather primal way to crack open your own fresh nut while sharing the shade with their many free ranging chickens. If you hit this spot at just right right moment, you could be just about the only person there. When the tour buses pull in, we know it's time to boogie! ;).

Harlow and Taj were very at peace here, which was no surprise.. it is a farm. The lush green property also makes for really sweet photo moments. Check out their website for more info!

// Cracking nuts! Watch out boys! //

// Our beautiful niece Ash came for a visit! //

// So grateful that she will try new things //


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