Getting Color-FULL and a thought on Playful Parenting

It's no secret that we like painting around here. I picked up a sweet little water color set for Harlow and *no jokes* it keeps her happily busy in uninterrupted independent play for an hour at a time. Yes, my two year old.. will stay happy playing alone for a whole hour with watercolors. I felt the need to really let that sink in for you ; ). It's so easy and very simple to clean up (either outside or on wood floor), so I literally hand her the paints, fill a cup with water and let her be. Sometimes.. she looks like she is having so much fun, that I have to join in. So I do.

I believe in worrying about how much fun my child is having, or how her creative mind is exploding with bliss instead of things that are material.. her memories and happy vibrations are way more important than getting a little watercolor on a rug. Ya feel me parents?


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