Aloha From Our New Home!

The past month and a half has been a complete whirlwind. All within 40 days, we have had a baby, flown across the Pacific with a toddler and said baby (11 days old at the time), lived in a teeny tiny hotel room in Waikiki, squeezed into a tiny rental car and searched the island of Oahu far and wide for a perfect place to call home. As soon as we found our home and got the keys, John left for a deployment and it has been just the babies and I on just a mattress in an empty house. Our container of household goods (that's what the Coast Guard calls them), will not arrive until the 6th. It has been a very tiring, to say the least, 2 weeks, with a few days left to go. The first night in the house a tropical storm raged through. I got no sleep because I was so freaked out! On the 4th night (2nd night without John)..our air mattress popped and Harlow, Taj and I slept on the hard floor for two nights until a very gracious new friend offered her extra queen mattress to us to use until our things come.

In those first 7 days I probably had 4-5 tear filled releases of energy (breakdowns if you will) each day. Most times it was all three of us crying at the same time. Harlow is still getting used to sharing mommy, and Taj is covered with heat rash trying to adjust to the climate here with his fresh from the womb skin. Sounds like a disaster huh? There is a bright side!
To keep my littles and myself happy and balanced we have been doing what our hearts adore most..exploring. Every morning we walk to our neighborhood beach, Lanikai, which is stunningly beautiful and full of tranquility just as the day begins. Harlow happily picks the fragrant tropical flowers from the comfort of her stroller and Taj bounces happily in the Ergo baby carrier. Momma gets to get her fitness on climbing the hilly streets and gawk at the million dollar beachfront cottages. So it seems each day, we are settling in little by little, and hopefully with the arrival of some familiar belongings things will improve even more. All I can say is that for Halloween, I am going to be She-Ra, because I know I can play the part well!

Waikiki with my babes

House hunting with daddy

our hotel room and 4 week old Taj


mini shaka!

We rode the Waikiki Trolley to keep this girl occupied 

Checking out our new home!

It's kinda like a tree house!

Waimea Valley Farmers Market

Morning play time at the ocean

Seriously, its our ritual now, on this particular morning 
I lugged his carseat down so that I could swim in the ocean!

The sunsets from our street are unreal too! Since we are on the eastside, this is what they look like. Bliss!

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  1. It's been a long time since I rode your blog :(
    Welcome on earth to your cute little baby.
    Your last month and a half seems really crazy and full of strong emotion ! But your new home looks like paradize :)

  2. You are the strongest woman I know Elise!!!