Patiently Waiting, and Loving Every Minute

Life has been slow lately, with a slight feeling of rush as we wait for our little one to arrive. Although our estimated arrival date isn't until the 8th of this month (hello June).. we have had a feeling all along that our little man would arrive early. Interestingly enough, I have had phone calls, text messages, and conversations with a few very close friends today who randomly called out of the blue thinking he was coming REALLY soon.. hmmm.. is the universe trying to say something?

All I know is that he will arrive when the time is perfect, and we aren't rushing him… ehhhh, well okay I have been eating pineapples, rolling on my ball, and walking my heart out, but seriously, he can come when he's ready…and when my soul is ready to become a mommy to two also. Anticipation is seriously getting the best of me though, and I thought I was a patient person.

On top of all the excitement of becoming a momma to a sweet little guy, I have been enjoying every moment with my Harlow while she is still our one and only. She has blossomed into an extra-ordinary little being and every time I look at her I fall more in love with her heart and soul. I cannot wait to see her as a big sister. Cheers to new life, change, love, and new adventures. XO

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