Keepin' it Real, On Motherhood

A little reflection of motherhood set in recently as my second Mother's Day is coming up fast. Mostly because we are blessed to have a super chill little lady most days as a momma are a breeze. Yes, full of light, love and laughter. The smile on our babe's face all day, the goofy grin when she notices you watching her trying SO hard to put her own shoes on..over and over, the giggles and dancing, the Harlow-isms like "ya hear that?" or "I'm such a happy girl"(while hugging herself) and "stop kicking, baby brother" (when I announce that her baby brother is moving around).. I could go on and on, as most parents could.

(stepping on my pants trying to run after my quick toddler)

When you have an easy little one it makes being a mom a gift, but some days are flat out hard. It's a joke to me when I hear women say they don't have any rough days as a mom (and no they are not trying to just look on the bright side). Don't kid yourself lady, those bad days are really the ones that make being a mom feel like such an accomplishment. Kind of like, "Yeah, that just happened and I made it through". Some days (especially when teething is in full force, or a nasty cold has you pulling your hair out from Cabin Fever) almost make you want to curl up in a ball and cry next to your little bambino until it stops. Not only because your baby is in pain, or because she doesn't understand why this uncomfortable feeling has come over her, but also because sometimes, we mom's (and dad's) just need a minute to breathe! It's true, at times I envy the mom's who somehow have time to get up in the morning and take a nice hot shower, put on some face paint, blow dry and style their hair, pick out a cute outfit and make themselves seem that they've got it all together, all the while juggling a curious and very determined 2 year old while their man is gone at work. You know, the mom's who don't work or have school and their primary job is to, be a mom? I envy them too. Yes, at times I want to cruise with those ladies and act like I've got it all figured out, but that's the extent of it..because truly I don't have it all figured out! AND I like my crew of momma's who think the "boho, surfer, beachy" look is in.. but really that's our cover up for, "hell no I didn't have time to put a brush through this hot mess I call my hair!!!"
(oh look, she's on the go again!)

To be honest, I like my morning's snuggling with my little co sleeper, all the while she is kicking me in the face because she sleeps like a starfish.. or when she runs her hands through my hair which knots my it to an unmanageable birds nest. I love waking up to her crazy excited jumping all over the bed smiles, while squishing my face with her hands (and body weight) letting me know she has to go potty. I'd rather get dirty in the garden in the mornings with my little peanut, rather than worry about my hair and makeup. I like that I work in the evenings, even though I am exhausted from playing, singing, dancing, and trying to communicate with my little miss, or being 9 months pregnant.. I'm doing it for our family and our future, and that makes me proud (and feel like I'm contributing).

I know I know, this is kind of a rant, but let's be serious here. Don't act like birthing a baby was a breeze and that your lady parts didn't hurt like hell afterward (that's coming up for me again real soon). Don't act like mom life doesn't throw you curve balls and that you sometimes swing the bat but miss. Be real! Touch bases with your roots. It's okay to be normal! I actually think it's kind of funny when you have a mom horror story.. want to hear one of mine? Ask me, I've got a bag full of stories!

Being a mom is a indescribable gift, the good AND the sometimes really really hard. I'm not going to lie, I was caught just a week ago, hurrying to my car, giant pregnant belly, toddler and to go boxes in tote, FIGHTING back tears, which I burst into as soon as I made eye contact with Harlow's sitter. My terrific two year old threw a gnarly fit in my favorite restaurant, screaming and jumping all over me.. John had been deployed for almost two weeks and I badly needed a break. I was not ashamed when my girlfriend (Harlow's sitter) spotted me and grabbed me for a VERY NEEDED hug. I held onto her like it was my last day on earth and she understood. The next day, Harlow and I laughed and played like it was a dream! You would have never guessed the day before had happened. All I'm saying is..

Stay real my friends.

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  1. My Dearest Elise Nicole,
    You constantly amaze me!! Keeping it real while all the time staying grounded, calm, loving and joyful. You are beautiful example for Harlow Michele.
    All my love to MY SweetPea,
    Your Momma

  2. Finally...I got to read post and catch up on your blog. I love you my dear...and I am so glad we can keep it real together. I really hope the boho beach babe sticks around, for a long while :D. XOXO