Harlow Turns Two!

Okay so I am a little tardy on posting, let's blame it on the INTENSE nesting I have been doing. Or the "my belly is so large, the computer has no spot to sit!" ;) Either way, I am here now, so I shall post!

Harlow's birthday was perfectly perfect, complete with a donut cake from VG's Donuts *YUM*, baked fresh just an hour before her party (those guys rock). We also had cascarones, which are a mexican confetti filled egg, popular around fiesta where I was raised in Texas.. the babes LOVED them and were begging me for more! My amazing mom made Harlow the cutest pom pom filled skirt, and trust me when I say, this little girl has wanted to twirl in it everyday since then, and I oblige. John was amazing and made each guest an acai bowl with fresh fruits from our farmers market, and we also served piggies in a blanket (which were a hit) and of course the donuts. I hand filled clear balloons with confetti which matched the tassel banner above her photo timeline. I purchased most of the supplies on easy and had the photos printed at PersnickityPrints.com. I have to give them a huge shout out too, they sent me an email within just a few hours saying all 30 photos had shipped, say whaaaat?! How's that for service? The photos are great too, they come on card stock which I really love. Harlow wanted to sing the Happy Birthday song and blow out her candles over and over and over so we most likely sang the song 10-15 times last weekend.. and yes, we lit candles each time. But her face was totally worth singing it.

* If you're wondering why there are two 2's, it's because her best friend Nico shares the same birthday as her, so we thought it would only be right to include him in the birthday song :) *

* This photo was the 3rd time singing Happy Birthday.. after she woke up 
from her nap that day it was her top priority.. *


* Later that night, with her sushi dinner *
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