Fatherhood on Mother's Day Weekend

Yes, I know.. I know, this weekend is about mommas but I just watched this beautiful film created by Johnny Abegg, hubby of the lovely owner behind Byron Bay's 'Spell Designs', a shop that I honestly have added to my bucket list for places to visit before I pass onto another world. Was that a run on sentence or what? Anyway, I'll do a 'currently swooning' post on Spell Designs Boutique soon so you can see what I mean, but for now just watch this film.

Johnny has given us a window into the softest part of a man's soul. Fatherhood. Something a lot of men would never sit down and talk about from the depths of their being, let alone create a short film about. I have a lot of respect out there for father's like this.

To my John: You are the most amazing father, and this film reminds me a lot of the man you are. Kind, gentle, fun, honest and true. The surfing in this film brought to my attention that when you are in the water it is "your time" to reflect, on your family(us), and what your life has become since taking on the responsibilities of being a father, and partner in life to me. We will be welcoming a baby boy soon (opposite of Johnny's family in the film) which will be a completely different element for us as well, and I couldn't ask for anyone better to be by my side. Thank you for all you do for us. Thank you for keeping us safe, fed, clothed, clean, and with a roof over our heads. Most of all, thank you for being you.

Now that I have all let you read a tiny yet very meaningful open letter to my guy, you will know why this touched my heart so. Thank you Johnny Abegg for creating such a beautiful little fatherhood film.

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  1. To Harlow and New Baby Boy on the way,
    You are such loved children from the tips of your tiny toes to the tops of your beautiful heads. You have the most special Daddy. He loves you both completely. It's such a joy to watch him with you Harlow! When he walks in the door after a long day at work, the instantaneous light that brightens up his face when he sees you is magical!! I miss seeing that when I am all the way in Texas but occasionally get lucky enough to see it on Skype when the timing is just right!! I love to watch you play together. Your daddy is so loving and so patient and so proud. I love the way he cheers you on "Hooray Harlow" when you identify pictures, build with blocks, feed your baby; whatever it is, he's your champion! He will always protect you, watch out for you, protect you and love you to the ends of the earth forever. Our little baby boy on the way; you are in for an adventure!! You really have the coolest daddy ever! Just wait! Your life, just like Harlow's will be filled with an abundance of love, surfing, beach playing, camping, bike riding, and exploring this amazing world. Excellent job picking your parents!! Hug your mommy and daddy every day for Lolli, they love you so much and so do I.