Costa Mesa Day Trippin'

My little love bug and I drove up to Costa Mesa last week for business, and we decided to play too! We stopped at the coolest anti-mall called the LAB and we had a really fun time playing around in all the artsy atmosphere! If you are ever in the Costa Mesa area, this place, and the shopping center across the street, The CAMP, are a must see. I didn't get too many photos at the CAMP because it was during a scorching heat wave, and between a tired two year old and a huge preggo belly, all I wanted was air conditioner! My favorite part about CAMP was that each parking space has a upbeat saying on it! It made me drive around until I found a space saying I really loved! Both places have an emphasis on reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim.. I wish more shopping centers could be artsy and green like this!

* Plant archway you walk through to enter! *

* reclaimed things are the theme, and we were loving it! *

* record shop in an airstream! Heaven. *

* Little Record Digger, as my brother dubbed her after I sent him this picture! He is a DJ in Austin, I knew he'd love seeing her flipping through some vinyls! *

* We ate at The Gypsy Den, it was yummy, but the decor was even more yummy! *

* This is what I look like when someone asks if I want to play chess too! Whaat? *

* this image borrowed from Pinterest *

* this image borrowed from Pinterest  too*

* such a happy little traveler! *

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