Another Moment with Taylor Nelson

Remember our first interview with sweet wave sliding sea goddess Taylor Nelson (here)? Well she has moved to the islands and soaked up the island lifestyle so we caught up with her to see how paradise is treating her! Aloha!

* Taylor wearing Seea, with her 9'2 Bing Mr. Rodgers model *

Elise: I'm really stoked to be catching up with you, and to see how life has evolved for you now that you are an island girl!

Taylor: Yeah!! Me too! I can't wait for you to be out here!! Life is good! I go to school monday-friday so that takes up 70% of my time. So I surf on the weekends and before and after school!

Elise: ahhhh the island life.. so relaxing! (well hopefully, not sure how your school load is!) So lets get started? Remember this one?? Turn over that bag again, what comes tumbling out THIS time!! ;)

Taylor: Bikini, Vertra, Pen/Pencil, sarong, phone, keys, and probably some old index cards from studying haha

Elise: Much different this time around!! I bet there's some lingering sand in there too! Which boards did you bring with you to Oahu, and did you acquire any new ones for the new waves?

Taylor: I only brought two boards over from California, both are Bings! I am currently riding a 9'2 Mr. Rodgers model, this log is so much fun and can handle all conditions Hawaii has to offer! I also have a 4'5 Dharma, I ride this board when its super windy or when its time to put on a leash because I can't surf with a leash. I have acquired two more boards, my dad's 10' Mike Wellman, which was shaped in by our dear friend in Kauai, and I couldn't resist and bought a wavestorm! This way I can teach friends always have a board for quests to ride ;)

Elise: I bet your quiver will continue to grow, when I lived on Oahu I seriously couldn't stop "acquiring boards", it totally becomes a habit! What part of the island are you living? Where is school for you, and tell us your favorite breaks!

Taylor: So I started my Hawaiian journey off in Waikiki where school was only 3 miles inland. I was there for about 6 months and within that time the convenience of town lost all its charm. I always seemed to escape to North Shore to decompress from school and business of town. So during my spring break (almost a month ago) I moved to Haleiwa! So now school is about a 35-45 minute drive because I avoid all traffic! In town I of course love surfing Waikiki and bowls (only when its small!)! Up here on North Shore I love surfing Chun's, Lani's, and Haleiwa!

Elise: Oh hello.. that was complete deja vu for me! It's exactly what I did! Tell us your opinion on surfing California (your home break being famous Malibu) and versus surfing Hawai'i. Which do you prefer and why?

Taylor: I prefer surfing in California, it’s home and there’s always a perfect right point break at my disposal! It has been such an honor to be out here surfing warm water and waves that have some consequence. I took for granted all the places I grew up surfing and how perfect and easy they are. Hawaii has definitely humbled me and kicked my butt! It's been really fun to surf some bigger, heavier waves, and to watch and learn from the locals. Hawaii has challenged and pushed my surfing, I have been surfing waves and in conditions that I never would have if I stayed at home. Hawaii has been such an awesome adventure and through surfing it has really helped check my perspective on life and be grateful and humble for what I have and to be thankful for where I am at.

Elise: Beautifully said! Who are you sponsors these days? I am loving all of your photos lately, you are absolutely stunning! Bronzed skin, sun bleached mermaid hair and a smile that radiates positive vibrations!

* Taylor sliding on her 9'2 Bing Silverspoon and beautifully wearing indah *

Taylor: I ride for Bing Surfboards, Indah Clothing, Jonesea Wetsuits, Risebar, MER Bags, Knotty Hair Accessories, Seea, Olas Mexican Surf Grill. A huge thank you to all of my sponsors for their support while I am going to college and focusing on my education. It really is such an honor to ride for each one and knowing that they support my educational goals.

Elise: Wow! You've got some really rad companies supporting your wave riding! Good on ya! Has Tyler (your dreamboat) made the move yet? I'm loving seeing photos of the two of you playing on waves together!

Taylor: I wish I could steal Tyler and have him move out here with me! He was out here January - April to train and compete in the Sunset and Pipe Pro!! I wish he could be out here while I go through school. But we both know that as much as we love love love Hawaii we don't see our future here! Or at least we don't think. We both love California, but the more time I am in Haleiwa, my future plans could totally change!

Elise: You two are so adorable together! It's like you are truly meant to be, and anybody can see the fun and strong love you share! So awesome that he competed in the Pipe Pro! GO TYLER!

Taylor: Yeah I wasn't able to make it to that contest because of school, but I watched him at sunset and it was HUGE! It was so awesome!

Elise: That is so awesome.. you are dedicated! I would have skipped class before even thinking about it! (Sorry mom)! Before we let you go, tell us what the most magical thing you have witnessed while living in Hawaii, and share with us one thing you really want to do there in the islands but haven't gotten to it just yet.

* Taylor in all her mermaid beauty with her Bing 4'5 Dharma, wearing Indah *

Taylor: This one evening in November when Ty was out for a different contest, we were surfing an outside reef on South Shore, the waves were perfect for logging, it was glassy, and there were only two other people out besides us. That session was the most magical thing that I have witnessed because the sunset was literally breathtaking. I have never seen the sky so alive and because it was so glassy it reflected off the water. It was such a humbling experience! To be honest I haven't adventured much out of the water since I have moved here. I really want to take advantage of all Hawaii has to offer and go on more hikes!

* A shot from the night she just told us about, rad!! Thank goodness for GoPro *

Elise: I just painted myself a picture of what you described.. *sigh* that does sound magical!! And you shared it with your love! Even better!

Taylor: You'll be out here soooo soon! I can't wait!! Take advantage of my babysitting skills so you can get some surf time in!

Elise: I will for sure take you up on babysitting skills! Harlow will be stoked to have a rad surf instructor too!! We wish you the best of luck with school and can't wait to hear how your amazing adventure there in Hawaii unfolds! I am so thrilled to be moving back and be able to scoop you up and show you some secret spots I know of! ;) Warmest Aloha to you sweet sea sister!

* Taylor in Mexico wearing her Indah neoprene one piece *

Hope this catch up interview inspired you a tad, or brightened your day! Taylor always brightens my day, she really is a ray of sunshine. :)
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