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A few years back, when I lived on Kauai.. I was sitting on Polihale Beach (one of the most spiritual/magical places on earth) and a beautiful bronzed goddess with piercing blue eyes and golden locks that shone in the sun walked up to me with the biggest smile and warmly welcomed me to my new home on Kaua'i. Her belly full of life as she was carrying her first child, I thought to myself, "I want to be just like that when I am pregnant one day".  Her name was Nicole Lee, and I would soon witness in full force one of the strongest, most loving and faith driven women to walk this planet face a challenge that is hard to even imagine. 

I watched as she and her hubby raised their first child in the sun and sand, who was absolutely adorable and happy, and then before I knew it, she was carrying her second child, beautifully, just like the first. 


Photography by Blenda Montoro who was also featured here on SaltWaterDiary (here)

When her second child Pa'a arrived here on mother earth he brought with him a gift. A gift that is so great, it touches the heart of ANY person who hears his story.

Pa'a is strength, courage, light, happiness, he is the epitome of a warrior.  Once you hear his story, you too, will be forever changed. If you are anything like me, you will start living with a little more gratitude, and a lot more "I can do anything's".. because if Pa'a can live such a vibrant life with all of his struggles and he isn't even 3 years old yet, then anybody can.The following text is from www.powerofpaa.com, a website hosted by the loving parents of baby Pa'a.

For those of you who are new to our family, here’s a little blurb of Pa’a in a nutshell:
On August 18, our 2nd son was born with a severe heart defect.  14 hours after his birth, the first signs were detected of something not being right. His oxygen saturations were dangerously low, he was “blue” in color. We needed to go to O’ahu, because something was seriously wrong.  We prayed that it would be something small, something fixable, something we could take care of easily and move on. But it wasn’t small. That first night, after many tests, Xrays, and Ultrasounds at Kapi’olani, we were told he had Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, along with many other serious organ and cardiovascular abnormalities.
We were told Pa’a would be medevac’d immediately to San Diego, where he would undergo major open-heart surgery.  We were told that some children with this condition make it… and some don’t
We spent a total of 6 months in and out of the hospital in San Diego and Pa’a has had nine surgeries so far- 2 of them being open-heart surgery.  I had to resign from my teaching job to care for Pa’a full time, and Kalawai’a had to leave work for an extended amount of time to be there for Pa’a in San Diego.  If it weren’t for our amazing community, I dont know how we would have made it!  The whole community of Kaua’i came together in a way words cannot even express.  Friends, family, strangers alike- all connected for ONE common factor, connected for Pa’a.
We were blessed with support and have been home on Kaua’i for two years with our miracle child, who has healed and blossomed in the magic of our island home, Kaua’i.
We knew the time was coming for Pa’a’s next phase of corrective open-heart surgery.  They estimated he would need to go back to San Diego at 3 years old. But the time has come a little sooner than that. We are now scheduled to leave Kaua’i at the end of  this April, 2014 and check back in to the Ronald McDonald house for the duration of Pa’a’s next battle atRady Childrens Hospital. He will be enduring a highly invasive open-heart surgery called the “Fontan Procedure”.  We are told we could be there anywhere from 1 to 3 months for recovery.


And now I will overload you with photos of this amazing family! 

Older brother Kili ALWAYS (and I mean always) 
has a loving hand on his baby brother.


Happy baby Pa'a just after open heart surgery! 

Paintings and Prints for Pa'a! 
For every purchase made using the 
discount code, 50% of the proceeds 
will be donated to the Lee Family, and here's why.

We Love you Pa'akamana'o!


WHEN: APRIL 13 2104


CHECK-IN:   6:30am – 7:15am

RUN : 7:30 AM

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