New Art!

Recently, I had the urge to doodle something late one night, and I got a little carried away! I'm loving these new pieces that are coming out of no where for me! They make me feel so good, and they feel so fresh! The pineapple has already sold, but since there is so much interest in all of them, I have decided to make Limited Edition Prints on archival giclee paper. They will be available very shortly, and don't you worry, I'm just getting started with this style and am abundantly inspired, so you will be seeing a lot more of these little beauties in the days to come!

Here's also a tiny peek of a sunrise shell that I am currently working on as well. ;) yes, color, you are hard for me to leave in the studio cabinet..

Hope you enjoy them, please leave a comment and let me know what you think! ALOHA!!

 photo signature.jpg


  1. These are beautiful!!!!! I love this style...The sunrise seashell, is my favorite because of the beautiful coloring in it. And well mermaids, hold such a special place in my heart - she is beautiful. I love how you left her face a mystery. You are talented lovely lady!

  2. Oh yes, everything Ashley said!!! They are beautiful!!! I love them!! Can't decide on my favorite, it's a toss up between the mermaid (sigh) and the beautiful shell that I can imagine crawling inside!!!