In February, my amazing momma came to visit and hosted a most sacred, beautiful, and love filled blessing way in honor of my pregnancy. My lovely photographer Ashley Perry, see her sponsor link to the right, captured some very special moments, and I am more than excited to share them with you! 

If you are planning on hosting a Blessingway for a dear friend or earth sister, and would like any scripts, meditations, or print outs for the different "traditions", please feel free to contact me, as we have them saved. My mom studied Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers--Celebrating Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood and Mother Rising, both books are available on Amazon. 

I cannot express the love I felt on this very special day. It is indescribable honestly. 
Invitations were made by my awesome graphics gal with Greylein Design, see her sponsor link to the right! 

<< massaging, and adornment of curls, a flower crown, and henna >>


<< my beautiful friends gifting beads for my labor bracelet >>

<< amazing momma who gave me a diamond ring and a beautiful bracelet, 
both heirloom pieces from my great grandmothers! >>


<< henna by >>

<< Prayer flags created to hang during labor and birth >>


<< the weaving of a sisterly support web, each sister wears her 
tied on bracelet until baby is safely on earth >>

<< Pure Bliss, Pure Love >>

 photo signature.jpg


  1. It was an honor I will never forget!!! Powerful beautiful energy created that day!! I love you with all of my heart!! Momma

  2. Such beauty and power in these photos of your blessingway. I'm hosting a blessingway for a dear friend of mine at the end of this month and I'm curious if you still have any saved things that you could send my way? tasarmi@gmail dot com



  3. Your ceremony looks lovely! I am hosting a blessingway in a little over a month and am wondering if you still have any of the saved things you mentioned? Also, any advice for things I should not leave out - what was the best part for you? Thanks so much! bradfield.e.l@gmail dot com

  4. Wow everything looks like a fairytale! I'm very interested in any of your info you mentioned above as I'm planning a ceremony for my sister in a few months! Thank you for sharing!

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