A Moment With Jaxsea Swimwear Desiger Jax!

I recently stumbled upon an absolutely beautiful line of kimonos, and after following their social media for a few days and really feeling the aloha spirit through posts here and there, I was eager to have a moment with the designer! I am so stoked to be able to share with you this interview with Jax, creator of Jaxsea Kimonos and soon to be swimwear. Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back, relax and imagine yourself on the magical isle of Maui!

<< Designer Jax, living it up Hawaiian style >>

Elise: I'm absolutely stoked to be chatting with you here on SaltWaterDiary, I am swooning your collection and I can't wait to pick your mermaiden mind!

Jax: I’m so happy and really flattered you love my collection. I had no Idea other people were really paying attention!

Elise: Are you kidding? Your line is dreamy!! First things first, and no cheating! We want to know what this beach girl keeps on her at all times, so, Miss Jax, turn your bag upside down and tell us what comes tumbling out! Of those things, what are 3 things you cannot live without?

<< Jax in the Sea Reflection Kimono >>

Jax: Ooo this is fun, I happen to have my fringe purse right next to me...haha this is kind of funny and nothing too exciting...I’m really simple. I recently got a new purse so I don't have too much ..sugar packets for coffee (sugar in the Raw), some puka shells I found from my beach walk the other day and keys to my car.. must have keys! Oh and I found part of a sunrise shell--- I'm pretty stoked about that!

Elise: Congrats on your new fringe purse! I love new bags. and I like simple, I am the same way! Funny you should mention a sunrise shell, I am actually drawing one right now!! Just posted a pic on IG ;) Tell us where you grew up and how did you find yourself in Hawai'i?

<< Designer Jax, after a day on the ocean with the Andaz Hotel in Wailea's Crew >>

Jax: Awww I'm trying to attract a sunrise shell in my life.. I was told they find you.. so I refuse to buy one because I believe one will find me.. and it did! Only part of one but I’ll take it! I grew up in a small town called Yucaipa. Moved to OC for school and after I graduated I was working corporate for an Australian surf brand when they offered me a position to move to Hawaii for work. I have always dreamed of living in Hawaii-- and I had nothing else tying me down.  I didn't want to live my life wondering "what if?".

Elise: I totally believe in that about the sunrise shells! It makes me sad how much they are being "hunted" now days.. I wish they would let them wash ashore so they can be found the way the ancient Hawaiian’s found and treasured them. I don't feel they are as sacred and special if they had to kill the little creature living inside. So you took a wonderful leap of faith and landed on beautiful beaches surrounded by inspiration! Have you always been into clothing design? How did the idea of a kimono line and Jaxsea swimwear come about?

<< The popular Sea Reflection Kimono >>

 Jax: Yes, I took the leap of faith and I believe that you just have to trust in the universe that everything will work out and be ok. It has been the best thing that I have EVER done! Honestly, it started with swimwear.. I have always had a passion for swimwear. My mom taught me the basics of sewing and one day in college, I realized that I wanted to start my own swimwear brand. So I had been collecting inspiration pieces- cutting magazines, creating a dream board and I knew I wanted to do beach cover ups as well. For an avid surfer/beach girl it is essential to grab a simple beach cover up and go. Something that is easy and simple.. nothing too complicated. I’m all about simplicity, “less is more”. Kimonos are perfect for Hawaii and this location.

<< Aloha Kimono >>

 Elise: We have a lot in common!! I am a total vision board kinda gal! I bet your swimwear will be just as savvy as your kimonos and I am excited to see! After swooning a bit on your website and drooling on my keyboard while I checked out your line, I noticed that your collection sells out fast! My favorite is the Aloha Kimono! Which ones do you find to be the most popular and are you in the works with any new prints?

Jax: Thank you and yes, it is amazing to see all of the positive feedback I have been receiving. I had no idea, and I’m am so grateful! All of the positive compliments are what motivate me to continue to do more! My most popular one is “Sea Reflection”.. the teal one! I am currently working on my summer collection also! So excited to share with everyone in the near future!

<< Shotgun Sunset Kimono >>

Elise: They are ALL so dreamy! Can you share with us how you decided on "Jaxsea" as your brand name? Also, what vibe do you want these women to feel when they are shopping your line?

Jax: Yes absolutely . Its my nick name Jax combined with my endless love for the ocean, sea. So thats how Jaxsea came about. I simply want people to feel an essence of the aloha spirit. If they can't visit Hawaii, then I can bring Hawaii to them through my kimonos. Anything with a touch of aloha gives people that "ahhhh" feeling. That’s what I want them to feel :) My tag line "Your Escape" ties in with that feeling of Happiness ...

Elise: Ahhh clever girl you are with the name creation!! Happiness is what we all want and also all that we want to feel in life right? Where all can we buy happiness.. err I mean shop Jaxsea?

<< Shoreline Kimono >>

 Jax: Well, I’m fairly new, just launched my website on Valentines Day and I just got picked up by Sophie Grace Jewelry in Paia! Pretty soon the spa at the Andaz Hotel in Wailea will also carry Jaxsea (so excited!).

Elise: Wow those are awesome spots to be in, congrats!!! We know you are a mermaid at heart, so what are your favorite past time hobbies, and what is your “go to” beach there on Maui?

Jax: My favorite past time hobbies are: painting, photography, and kick boxing (watch out!). Favorite beach on Maui.. that’s a hard one. They are all so beautiful and unique in there own little ways. But if I had to choose, my go to beach would be Big Beach. I love the thick turquoise water and the long stretch of sand. I can't get enough of this island!

Elise: WE LOOOOOOOOOVE big beach!! (and little beach hehe). It has been so fun chatting with you! Big mahalo for sharing your time with me!!

Jax: Same with you! Thank you for everything!

Well, there you have it! the essence of aloha! You know you want to shop, so go ahead, click on the links below! Don't forget to tell her you saw Jaxsea on SaltWaterDiary!

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