A child of Mother Earth

How we spend our days is,
 of course, how we spend our lives.” 
— Annie Dillard

My sweetest Harlow Michele, 
You are the epitome of a child of mother earth. Your loving soul is so curious and untainted. You talk to the birds, you count the clouds. Snails become your best friend, and you'd rather have grass beneath your tiny chubby feet than a pair of shoes. Naked is what you prefer, over the clothes, but if you could choose what to wear it's always a dress so that you can "twirl twirl twirl". When the sunshine finally shows itself each morning after the marine layer has passed, sometimes I have to remind myself that it is the sun that is lighting up the room instead of the smile that appears on your face. Sunshine evokes pure bliss on your darling heart. Dirt is your favorite toy, next to water that is. You are very concerned if the garden hasn't been watered and when we ask you what you want to do today, you always exclaim "go to the garden". I'm sure you know the San Diego Botanical Garden better than the people who actually work there.. it truly is your favorite playground. The beach or "ocean" as you like to call it, is where you are at most peace. You save spiders, ants, bees, and any other bug or animal you can get your tiny loving hands on. Even the ones I don't necessarily want you touching.. There is no animal that frightens  you, you'll walk up to anything and say hello.. even the most giant of horses at the stables. My sweetest Harlow, you melt my gypsy heart. 





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