DIY Floral Crown

This past weekend was a very incredibly magical event in my life. My mom, who came to San Diego to visit, hosted a Blessingway in honor of my second pregnancy with our little baby boy. She did an amazing job planning, hosting, and leading the whole sacred event and I am SO excited to share all the details with you, in a later post, when I get the photos back. :) Stay tuned for that!

One detail that I really wanted was a floral crown. I searched and searched and found an amazing gal, but she happened to be on holiday in Belgium, so I had to resort to a local florist. I thought I had found a great one because of yelp reviews, but on the day before the event, I went to pick up my dreamed of floral crown and it was anything but dreamy. They flowers were already wilted, the crown looked like it was a few days old, I was heartbroken. I walked away with nothing.

A little voice inside of me reminded me that I AM AN ARTIST. I AM CREATIVE. And.. I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO! So guess what I did??

TA DAA!!!! I decided to craft my own fresh floral crown and it was even better than I could have purchased. Not only did it have flowers that truly chose me at the market, smelled AHmazing, and were the perfect colors.. but my wonderful John actually lovingly offered to help me create it! (whaaattt???) Yup! Without hesitation, he pulled up a chair and literally took over some parts of the creating process. I swear I fall in love with him more and more everyday.

So here it is, after a few online DIY videos, and a quick trip to the craft store I figured out this simple process.

Flowers, (purchase or pick from earth's garden) both fillers and statement flowers. Try to choose hardy varieties.
Floral wire $5
Floral Tape $2.99

You will need scissors also

-First, braid a simple 3 braid with 3 wires, make a hook on the end and start a second one.

-Measure your head and trim the wire so that it fit around the crown of your head with a bit of room to spare for the flowers.

-Using the floral tape, wrap the whole wire crown to cover it completely (thank you sweet John, even though you might murder me for posting this picture of your handsome face)

-Next, add flowers! Fillers first, then artfully add the larger flowers you have chosen. Be sure to stop and try it on to fill any holes/keep it balanced aesthetically.

-Lastly, WEAR IT! (or store it in the fridge overnight.) If you store it, I suggest crafting something so that it is not laying flat and squishing flowers. We used an empty 6 pack beer box and chop sticks!



COMPLETE!! (in black and white because I posted it on
 Instagram the night before and didn't want to share the colors just yet)

A little image from the Blessingway 

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