We traveled to Texas Ya'll!

This year we went to Texas, say it with me YEEHAW, for Christmas. It was fun to be with family that I see rarely and mingle with my best of friends from high school. Harlow was extra loved on and well, it was just an all around love filled trip. It is better explained in photos, so get ready for a big load of photos.. hey, everything is bigger in Texas right?


^^ The drive home when we landed in Austin and  Harlow hanging with Pop^^

^^Loving feeding my mom's hens^^

vv We visited a wild animal safari drive through that I used to go to as a kid vv



^^Harlow: "wakeup daddy"^^

^^Her favorite gift was a stable full of horses^^

^^Great Grandaddy!^^

My love and I got to have a date night with some dear friends, isn't he so handsome?

^^His first Lonestar…ew^^

^^My closest friend from my high school days^^

^^Uncle Shane (my brother) came to give us one last farewell 
before we flew back to California^^

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