Sunny San Diego

Lately, while the rest of the states are feeling the frigid bitter cold of snowstorms and freezes, San Diego has been a wonderland of warm spring-like days filled with sunshine. Harlow and I don't hesitate for one minute (after breakfast that is) to head down to the beach. This little mermaid is FINALLY allowing me to sit breathe a bit instead of running into the ocean without reserve. Before she would just keep going, and going and holy moly it gave me a minor heart attack! I swear she would have kept walking until she was underwater if I didn't stop her. Now though, for the most part, she stops when it gets to her knees and flirts with the waves as they chase her. Major plus for wearing her out! I'm enjoying working on my golden tan to get ready for Hawai'i, and of course this babe in my belly is loving every ray of sunshine too! Here are a few days of beach time wrapped up into one post. Aloha!

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