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If you know me at all, even the slightest bit, you know that I am 100% pure gypsy. Traveling, moving, grooving, going, hitting the road..they are all my forte. Sometimes, when I get the itch to GO I head north to a nearby, but kind of far beach town. This past week Harlow and I took a little day trip (cue: Daytrippin' by the Beatles) to Laguna Beach. We had a super fun time playing in the crystal clear turquoise water, and exploring tide pools, and sharing coconut-pineapple ice cream.

A little history:
When Harlow was 6 months old, my super rad sea sister (and amazing artist) Heather Ritts introduced us to Crescent Bay Beach in North Laguna. Absolute Heaven. Harlow and I explored the tide pools because the tide was extremely low that time, it was awesome! She just hung out in the ergo carrier as I climbed around looking for sea life. Here are some photos from that trip.. It was also the first time she attempted to eat sand.

This time around, my little earth baby charged the tide pools all on her own! She was so brave, climbing and patiently asking me to lift her to different spots so she could see new things. I am so grateful for her patience as hiking around sharp barnacles with a 20 month old AND a 5 month belly took some skill. Here are the photos from this trip. We absolutely love this beach. Can't wait for the next negative low tide! You know where you'll be able to find us!

^^ these first two were at the playground and 
beach in town before we headed to Crescent Bay^^

^^starfish, urchins and anemone right below her^^

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  1. It stops my heart, she reminds me so much of you at that age. I love you both to the ends of the ocean and back.