Home Sweet Home

Remember this post about writers and photographers from Honey Magazine from Japan featuring our home? Well, I just realized that I never shared with you the actual photos and feature once they were published! Ooopsie! Left you all hanging there huh? Here is the article, which I cannot actually read (any Japanese friends out there who can translate?) Also, the photographer Chika, was kind enough to share her images with us, which we will cherish forever and ever as this was our very first home. It is where we continued to fall in love, where Harlow first called home and is a place we are sad to be leaving. Hope you enjoy this post, which is long overdue! Look how small our little Harlow is in these photos!!

 photo signature.jpg


  1. Beautiful beautiful pictures of family and home!!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE you planter idea! And your house reminds me of mind. Surfboards everywhere!
    My hubby makes them for a living:)


  3. I really like these photos! Especially the first one and the ones from your bedroom!