Happy New Year and some BIG News!

Being a momma doesn't leave too much time for blogging, but after scrolling through some inspirational momma blogs (since I'm down with something nasty and actually have time) I have found an itch to post. Life in our corner of the globe has been treating us well. Lots of love, family time and laughs with our little Harlow, who's not so little anymore *tear*. We have an exciting new year ahead as we have some big, no wait..huge, no wait wait GIGANTIC changes in our future. First of all, John got a huge promotion (or advancement if you are military savvy) which was long deserved. *que: for he's a jolly good fellow*.  He works so hard to provide for our family and we are so excited for his advancement to first class! Along with his promotion comes a bittersweet move for our family. I say "bittersweet" because we really love San Diego, and haven't even really been here long enough to discover everything about it, we own our home and are not ready to sell, love our friends here and most of all BOTH John's best friend AND my best friend are moving here from different parts of the country.

In other news, we are excited to announce that we will be welcoming a baby boy this summer. :) Can you hear John in the background? "yahooooooo!!!" He'll be finished baking in my belly around  June 8th, and this pregnancy has already been a whirlwind, as he hasn't been easy on his momma. Get it all out now sweet boy, I know you'll be a no fuss, easy baby once you arrive right??? Because your big sister was anything BUT easy! Heh heh.. love you sweet Harlow.

Speaking of Harlow, this little girl is the light of our lives. Here are some Harlow-isms so you can get a taste.

"(insert any name here) weeaaaa aaaarrrreeeee yyoooouuuuu??" and "There is!!" when she's found them.

"oh maaaaaaan" when she drops something, followed by.."I'm soooooo soooorrryyyy" after that something makes a mess which is usually followed by a "messy messy messy"

In the mornings she gets right in our faces and quickly and quietly repeats "momma, wakeup"

Waves and says "buh bye" not only to every person she passes but every thing too!

She's got "peek a boo" down to an art, and LOVES to sing. These are just my favorites., Now, I know I might be just a little biased but I swear our 19 month old has the vocabulary of a nearly 3 year old. I've lost count of her words and each day she must say nearly 5-6 new words, no joke! We really have learned to watch what we say in front of our little parrot.

Needless to say we've got our hands full with our curious girl, but it's worth every minute.

I'm hoping to get back to this posting gig, so leave me a note if you drop by! It'll help encourage the writer in me I pinky swear. ;)

Now for some pictures.

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  1. You and John have an exciting 2014 ahead of you. Congrats to John on your advancement. I know how much work goes into it. Congrats on your new little addition coming in June. Any names yet. I love reading your blogs, sooooooooo please keep them coming.
    Love, Laura