We discovered the big kahuna of all bubbles.. and Harlow was amazed! The other night these girls were making these super fun giant bubbles at the beach! Don't you worry, I totally got the recipe! I can't wait to make these our selves! Until I can post pictures of our own experiment, here are the photos from the other evening. The girls were so sweet to let the babes (Harlow and her first love Nico) hang right in the path of the bubbles. ;)

In case you want to experiment too, here is a similar recipe to what we are going to try which given to us by the gals that were making this magic happen! I am still researching, but they said it was sugar, water, glycerin, and dawn dish soap left to sit in a bucket for a couple nights. they used wooden dowels with thin cotton rope on the ends to make loops, with just the wind to actually blow the bubbles for them. In this video on my Vimeo, you can kind of see what I mean. If you want to try a few recipes, I found this post on Apartment Therapy. Have fun!!

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