Honey Magazine AND Our Home

Today, a writer and photographer from HONEY, a Japanese surf lifestyle Magazine, which is the feminine version to BLUE Magazine..  came to photograph our home to be featured in their next issue!

I am still on cloud 9 and I can't even begin to describe how amazingly wonderful today really was. It's such a trip to really take 3 hours to meander around your home and remember every story behind every little thing. Talk about counting your blessings! I am so grateful for the abundance that I have, trips I've taken to far away places, and the things I tend to forget about and take for granted.

So before tomorrow comes and our home begins to show it's "a 14 month old lives here" face again, I captured a few images of my favorite details in our space. Mind you, these are from an iphone camera, and will probably look dull and drab compared to the fantastic images that were capture today on a super snazzy camera! I cant' wait to see!!

Hope this blog post inspires you to take a little time to go around your home and remind yourself of the stories behind those gadgets and gizmos a plenty, the whos its and whats its galore, yes.. even the thingamabobs.

^^ Night Blooming Jasmine, doing it's thing in our garden


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