FACT: I just have the most insanely creative friends AND I am madly in love with food trucks!

Please take a moment to check out our friends Kickstarter for their brilliantly thought up restaurant on wheels. The Kickstarter idea is so beautiful, because it means that we are all in tune with abundance. By giving you are opening the door for receiving. Even the smallest amount helps!! The way it all works is that you make a pledge, at the end of the 60 days the inventive person behind the idea either gets it all or gets nothing. So of course ask believe receive right? I have no doubt that Joe will have MORE than enough to get things rolling. Pun intended heh heh.. ;)

Farm.Fish.Fork. will be joining us for my art show coming up on the weekend before Labor Day! Come taste the savory menu and support a local sustainable business idea!


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  1. Can't wait to try Joe's amazing looking food!!! So grateful I will be in town for your art show!!!