I'm Going to Change the Planet

Aloha all! Happy July!
I have some exciting news! Ever since Harlow was a tiny lima bean in my belly, I have had a voice in my head shouting at me to teach children yoga. I finally took the plunge! I will be attending Next Generation Yoga's children's teacher training in August and I couldn't be more blissful about it! I will be certified to teach ages 2-7, and I already have big big plans for the near future! Manifesting away over here!

"..recent studies have suggested that teaching yoga to school-aged children increases their patience, attention span, competitive spirit and cognitive abilities, leading to increased learning and ease of new-skills comprehension, according to T.S. Ganpat and H.R. Nagendra."

Check out more on the training at www.NextGenerationYoga.com and here's to new adventures!


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