A Moment with Ashley Perry

I'm so so excited to introduce to you our newest sponsor!
Ashley Perry Photography.
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From the second I saw Ashley walking over the bridge at Cardiff to meet Harlow and I for a photo shoot, I knew she was going to be the kind of girl I could really connect with. I'm telling you this gal is smart, confident, and a pure ray of sunshine! Not only is she fabulous herself but her photography will make you feel like you have stepped into a dream world!

Of course I picked her beautiful mind so that I could share a little with you! Hope you enjoy!

Name: Ashley Perry

Shoots With: Nikon D800
From: Northern California. 
Where She is Now: Point Loma, San Diego.
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Tunes right now: The Lumineer's 

Elise: Okay sweet Ashley, describe to us your perfect day, morning to evening.. don't hold back on details (since I know you have an eye for the details).

Ashley: My perfect day is waking up to the snuggles of my two sweet children, which lasts a good 20 minutes, followed by 2 cups of coffee or just a half of cup.. it really depends on the day. Then a full day at the beach as a family, dog included, soaking up the sun, surfing, swimming, digging, reading a magazine if the kids allow, eat giant slices of watermelon and take a long nap with the ocean breeze! Run up the street from the beach, to get a burrito to eat while watching the sunset as a family. Simple, but perfect!

Ashley's Beautiful Family

Elise: Sounds like a perfect day to me! So we know your a momma, which is always a passionate job, tell us your top 3 passions in life.

Ashley: Family. Health. Photography.

Elise: Sweet and simple, when did you first realize that photography made your heart beat to a different drum?

Ashley: Once Connor was born, so 5 years ago. I have always had a love for photos. My dad gave me my first "manual" lesson with a Nikon D70 on a backpacking trip in Yosemite. Is was there that I really started to learn more about taking a photo than just clicking the shutter. After Connor was born, I thought everything was so cute and little about him. I wanted to remember it forever, so the camera came out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Elise: Right on! I am hoping for a trip to Yosemite this year, I bet it was like a wonderland as a blossoming photographer! Good job Dad!
Trust me if anyone knows about taking too many photos, it's me.. but the difference is that you take AMAZING photos! So the two of us actually met through the fluttering of Social Media in a Surfer Momma group, what is your favorite break to surf, and what is your go-to board?

Ashley: While surfing is an incredible joy in my life...I am not an amazing surfer! I love summers because the water is warm, the surf is smaller and I can actually drop in on a 3 footer with no fear and lots of smiles! ;D. I am easy to please. I have two boards and my favorite is old faithful, Barto, I think it is a 6'2". I love any beach break (smaller) and my best wave ever was in Mission where my husband taught me to surf, so I guess I have to say that's my favorite break. Maybe you can teach me a few things in the water and I can teach you a few things with a camera!

Elise:  I dig a good trade, and I love surfing small waves! My guy always teases me, but the truth is.. I am laughing and having fun, and I catch LOTS more waves than I would if they were over my head! You recently did some Mini shoots with a beachy surfing theme for the littles.. (one of which we took part in recently Yippie!) How did you come up with this theme, I love it!

Ashley: Because it is my everyday life. We spend so many hours on the beach, enjoying the sand, water, and waves along the side of many other families. Parents are running along the side of their child taking pictures with their phones because they too want to remember the joy of their child at the ocean. I love these types of sessions where I can just capture the true beauty and joy of a child, doing what they do best, PLAYING. I have a permasmile on my face tonight just thinking about watching you and your little Harlow play in the water together on a surfboard. It is so healthy to teach a love for nature and Earth so young.

Elise: Aren't we so lucky to have the ocean so near, I love that Harlow has a love for the ocean like her parents (John and myself) do. I swear, keeping her out of the water is near impossible! Hearing that from you truly makes my heart smile! I think it's beautiful that your career brings you so much joy! Doing what you love to do it seems! I know you probably fall in love with every photo you take, but could you share your absolute favorite photo and tell us a little bit of the memory behind it?

Ashley: Oh boy, that it is hard one. Let me think...

Elise: I mean no pressure to sort through your EVERY photo, since they are all so amazing! I could look at your site forever..

Ashley captured such a special moment! Can I have this photo snapped someday?!

Ashley: My favorite photo is one I have of my Mom walking down the beach, holding my daughter as Connor is running ahead. On a more sentimental note, it was the last time the played with their Grandma before she passed. The reason I love it so much is because she is doing what her perfect day would consist of hanging out with her grandkids and walking the beach. That is exactly why I love photos, yes it is a memory I could file away in my brain forever, but looking at the image creates so much more emotion and now can be shared for many generations to come. My kids don't really remember her, but because of this photo that hangs in our home, they can tell you that they liked to walk on the beach with her. So sweet.

Elise: That's amazing! Wow, what a beautiful story! All of your loves wrapped into one.. Family, happiness, photo taking! Alright, last question Ashley! If there is one thing you could tell anyone out there looking to be as successful as you with photography, what would you say?

Ashley: Stay true to your heart!!! Find what brings you true joy in photography and photograph just that. Your love and passion will shine through much more than trying to do something you are not passionate about.

Elise: Boldly said! I should write that out and post it on my fridge! Thank you so much for taking some time to let us into your head!

Ashley: Thank you so much for having me!!!

So ladies and gentlemen, Ashley Perry! Now go book her before the warm water disappears for the year!! Here are the STUNNING moments she captured with Harlow and I.. of course I am forever grateful!!



  1. This turned out awesome!!! You are an incredible woman, yourself!!!!

  2. beautifully written, both of you are beautiful mommies!!!