Please excuse my absence for this week, I am coming up on finals! YIKES! It has really been a minute since I had to take college level finals and going back to school is really awesome, EXCEPT for finals. If you don't already know, I started my Bachelors at The Design Institute of San Diego. The first semester has flown by as I am taking night classes. So by the time I get to class after watching my love bug all day, I'm pretty much a zombie running on a reserve tank of fuel! Looking forward to the next semester (summer) to start because the classes I will have are going to be all artsy fartsy.. totally my style! Throughout the 4 year school I will be learning everything from building codes, flooring, lighting and electrical, to color theory, furniture, decor and business. It's really a fabulous institution! I'm sure you'll be seeing more posts on Design as the years go by.

Right now in class I am hand making a book to illustrate all the design principals and elements.. I decided to use yoga poses (of course) and watercolors as my subject.

If you are interested in checking out this wonderful private design school 
there is a fabulous open house coming up!


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