A Moment With Janis Wales of A Tiny Arrow

Did you see the beyond adorable feather crown that Harlow wore for her birthday(here)? It was handmade by the most hip and lovely gal, Janis Wales, a LA lady who is owner and sole creative mind behind A Tiny Arrow. Of course I couldn't help but to ask her to join us over here on the blog for a chat about her biz! Enjoy!

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Elise: Okay lovely Janis, so here's my first question for you. No cheating! We know you're a creative gal..Empty your daily bag. Tell us what's in it!

Janis: Hahaha...nice one! Ok...well no lies...let's see. I have a pouch of colored pens and washi tape (just in case). I am addicted to fine point fun colored pens. Pink, turquoise, gold... I have the tape because you never know when you need to package something pretty! I also have a little pouch of essentials, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, lip balm, tissues...it's the boring pouch. I have a glass water bottle, my computer charger, about 300 receipts from the post office and assorted craft stores. For some reason I just can't seem to organize those! My wallet of course which is a nightmare since my daughters favorite thing to do each day is pull everything out of it and try to jam it all back in! Ummm.... a really brown banana. Whoops! And a pair of sunglasses that should probably be in a case. But who has time for that?! Lastly, there is a cup of cereal and a tiny plastic dinosaur. As you can imagine by purse is quite large ;)

^^The lady of the hour my friends, working on Harlow's Crown!^^

Elise: Ohh sounds like a wonderland in there! I think I could get lost in that purse and be a happy camper! What are some current trends you are really loving, and what is the one "go-to" thing in your closet currently?

Janis: Haha, you could survive at least a day on what's in my purse anyway. If you were a 14 month old that is!
Hmmm, current trends I am loving...I am always inspired by easy going bohemian feeling attire with a bit of edge...so I love that people are pairing rugged boots with a bit of embellishment with soft flowy dresses and maybe topping it all of with a leather jacket. And I LOOOVE a good hat! Right now though my go to item in my closet are my Golden Goose cowboy boots. They are so comfortable and I can pair them with just about anything. Plus I love that they come already dirtied up and worn in!

Elise: Love me some western boots (as I am Texas born of course!). I'm also completely swooning over the bohemian feel. Easy, peaceful, and free! So, What are you listening to lately? Any songs or artists you like to create to that we should check out?

^^Um, can you say Stylish Momma and hip Babe?^^

Janis: Nice! My BF and I want to check out Austin, Texas soon. I am always listening to music! Right now there are a few things on heavy rotation in my playlist.  The new Cold War Kids album "Dear Miss Lonely Hearts" Also, it's not a new one but I listen to the Cave Singers a lot, especially the album "Invitation Songs". The Lumineers self titled new album...and always always listening to Bon Iver...every last song is my favorite :) OH! And I listen to Twin Shadow the song "Five Seconds" a lot. It always gets me motivated!

Elise: We should absolutely hang out more, music runs through my veins! Those are my kind of melodies lady! So tell us what your three greatest passions in life are.

Janis: Nice. Yeah it's quite a mixed bag of sounds but I just like to listen to whatever moves me! That's a big question! My 3 greatest passions in life would have to be loving my daughter like there's no tomorrow! She is what motivates me every second...to live in the present...be mindful of the world around me and spend time working on the things that I love and find beautiful. I want her to grow up with a happy inspirational mama! So in a nutshell, I would say my 3 passions are my daughter, creating (anything) & being mindful of the world around me (as best as I can).

^^Sweet Janis and her tiny Arrow^^

Elise: Those are very beautiful and soulful passions! Our daughter makes our world go round as well! She for sure reminds me to be mindful, kind, and free! I love living through her eyes. Tell us the story of your line TinyArrow!

Janis: Well, I've been a graphic and apparel designer pretty much my entire working career. I certainly never thought I would like to do any of it on my own. I was perfectly happy helping others with their endeavors with my creativity...but from the moment Arrow was born I knew I wanted to create something for her! I had never really spent much time shopping the kids market before I had her...and once I did I was pretty bummed with what I found. Almost every brand I loved was created in another country...Spain, France, Japan... which is fine, but it's really expensive and usually hard to find. So, I just thought of all the things I would love to have for her, and decided I should just make it! Currently I work a full time job 5 days a week so it's been slow to start since I only have the evenings after Arrow goes to sleep and I save the weekends for family. I decided to start with something I could do in those few hours a day...feather accessories! I really disliked all the frilly hair accessories out there for kids and I was always looking for something with a slightly more bohemian feel. While I am hand making each of these on my own, I have a small manufacturing partner starting to work on my other items (soon to be released) I plan on creating a very small children’s collection of cotton gauze dresses, slubby oversized tees, little moccasins and jewelry to start. All with a very easy going bohemian vibe. Since it's all inspired by my little pixie Arrow I thought what better name than, A Tiny Arrow!

^^Feather Pixie Hair Clip (pale pink) Available! Hurry, go grab it!^^

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Elise: We love your feather clips and headbands, and we are so excited to have one for Harlow's first birthday! I am SMITTEN about this surprise release coming!! Harlow will for sure be one of your top customers! I know our readers are positive, creative, earth conscious, and love to be inspired by lovely ladies like YOU, what do you think people remember most about you and if you could tell the world one thing what would it be?

^^Harlow in her custom Feather Crown!^^
(Side Note: Harlow does not keep things on her head for more than a second. 
Her crown was so soft and comfy she wore it for most of her party! Wahooo!!!)

^^Harlow's Crown has all natural elements..like momma like daughter right?^^

Janis: Thank you! I am super excited to work on little Miss Harlow’s Birthday crown! It incorporates all the elements I love! I would say what people always remember the most about me is my laugh. I snort...a lot & it usually causes other people to laugh harder, which in turn makes me laugh harder until people are in tears! I can't control it! If I could tell the world one thing it would be to be more understanding of the people around you. We all have feelings...and you never know what someone’s story is. If the lady at the light doesn't immediately start going the second it turns green...there’s no need to scream obscenities at her and try to cut her off at the next possible moment...or if the man in front of you at the grocery store is taking a little extra time you don't need to huff overly loud trying to make him feel bad for holding you up. The list goes on and on, but you get what I mean. These people are moms, sisters, brothers, grandparents etc. That waitress that was rude to you might be dealing with some heavy emotions at home. The point is...you just don't know. And every person you come in contact with is loved and loves...is hurt and can be hurt. We all have our days and it's good to just take a moment to breathe and let the little things passed. Simply be kind...

These scenarios might be unique to Los Angeles because of the fast pace...but I witness it on a daily basis; people just being angry and frustrated at others. All I can think about is "what if that was my grandma in that car that you just flipped off" :)

^^ Creative mind behind A Tiny Arrow, Janis Wales^^

Elise: You're awesome Janis!! Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me! I'm really looking forward to watching A Tiny Arrow grow and flourish!

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