Raw Lunch, Chai Tea, and a Farmers Market

Today we ventured to some North County spots for food and more food. In Leucadia, where we mistakingly THOUGHT the Street Fair was, we grabbed a bite to eat at a lovely little place called Peace Pies. Since John and I have decided to nourish our bodies in the best way possible by committing to eating plant based meals, we really enjoyed this little hidden treasure. The only thing I missed was  my chai with coconut milk so we also cruised on down to Pannikin, which of course Harlow loved. Trust me anything with flowers, birds, grass or a great people watching view is completely her heaven..and when she's in heaven, I'm am too.

^^ hooray for Saturday!^^


We also popped into the Del Mar Farmers Market and then played around down at the bluffs for a bit. Harlow was adored by a sweet family of little girls who couldn't get enough of her, she showed off her strong legs and sign language to them. John had her cracking up riding on his shoulders, it's these kinds of photos I am so thrilled I capture!



^^ I call it the lorax grass,
 but it's really "Temple" or "Korean Velvet" grass^^


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