Little Yogi

After being inspired by our Momma and Me yoga teacher and her cute as ever daughter who has a mini yoga mat, I came to realize that I am going about this all wrong! I have been stressing out because I can't get to yoga, or fit a practice in my day because Harlow is with me Crawling (almost walking I should say) all over the place. I'm not sure why on earth I thought that was holding me back, when in reality I think I have been holding HER back! So, I gave an old yoga mat of mine, which was very special as it saw me through my teacher trainings, a makeover and VOILA!..

^^First practice will be...Stillness. ^^

Harlow now has a mat just her size. There's no reason I can't practice with my baby at home, what's the difference of being at home or in class. Absolutely nothing. She can start learning now, which is great since she already mimics everything we do. I actually got a little too pumped because I just spent a half hour picking out books and DVD's that would help me in teaching our little love bug all about yoga. For now, these are in my amazon shopping cart and I hope to add them to her library of books soon enough.
Namaste!! or should I say.. Mamaste? ;)






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  1. So perfect!! I know she will grown to love her practice as much as you do.
    Namaste Harlow & Elise Nicole!