hello again!

Well hello!!
I haven't posted in more than a hot minute, so I'll try to catch you up with lots of photos! Tons of wonderfully exciting things are happening/have happened since we last shared a moment together.

• Harlow is now 11 months old! EEeeeep! She is almost walking has been learning sign language. This little gal is so smart and has about 10 signs down (and counting)! She is also in swim where she obviously is really a mermaid (no surprise there!) Right now we are planning her 1st Birthday party which is really going to be fun! She is so sweet, hilarious and is the light of our lives. Her smile is contagious beyond belief and I LOVE BEING HER MOMMA!

• I am officially a college student! Yup, attending the Design Institute of San Diego, where I will be learning all about design, textiles, lighting, flooring, architecture, drafting, etc etc etc. IT IS HARD! BUT in 4 years I will hold a bachelor of fine arts in Interior design. Yippie!

• I was chosen as a participating artist for the Cardiff Main Street Association Arts Alive street Banner. the 4'X7' banner was a beast to paint. No joke. But it feels so awesome to be a part of such a great thing! If you live here in San Diego you can see the banners hanging all along the 101 for the next couple of months. Mine is in Cardiff, go check it out! You can bid on them too! Bids started at $150. ;)

• I was also invited to be a part of the San Diego Surfrider Foundation's Annual Gala! This year's event (May) is supposed to be really awesome, so stay tuned for more details!

I have a good handful of fun interviews and giveaways coming up, I'm stoked to have a new desk where I can get back to blogging and being creative!

I know what you're thinking.. stop typing and start posting pictures! Geesh!

Chat soon my sweet friends!


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  1. Looking forward to my personal guided tour to see your beautiful banner!!