Go Padres!

Okay, so let's be real here.. I'm not really a sports kinda gal. I played soccer in my younger years, and I enjoy horseback riding and surfing (when it's for the soul), but when it comes to footballs, basketballs, baseballs, I'm not a huge fan... with the exception of the Padres games. I like the outside air and the atmosphere, until people get obnoxiously drunk but that's a whole separate post in itself. Anyway, John and I have some history with Padres games. One of our first "dates" was to a Padres game, where yup you guessed it, we were put on the kiss cam! Cliche? It was cute, and made for a great memory. This weekend was our third game and somehow we always end up going on military appreciation day each year. It was really awesome this year seeing as the Coast Guard members were the stars of the show! GO COAST GUARD! Not only was it special for that reason, but most importantly it was Harlow's first game (out of the womb). She was fantastic and loved every minute! Not one fuss or cry out of her and she was even cheering and yelling with us. This is one reason we really love San Diego, beautiful weather, fun times!

^^the hotel where Harlow became Harlow.. TMI??^^


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