Fresh Start

`"Fresh Start"sounds like something really substantial happened, right? Well something pretty measurable did happen! I woke up today and it's a new day, thank the universe. Yesterday and I striaght up did not get along. I woke up to a huge mess.. of which the details I will not share, but let's just say it was a serious mom moment. Just after I get everyone and everything cleaned up, ANOTHER mess! On top of that, I am presented with a challenge that I have to wait to face, the worst because it's sitting in your head all day!
I tried my hardest to turn yesterday into a brighter day by spending some serious time in the garden, moving plants, creating new plots and giving the garden some love, as well as cleaning up the house and getting some serious laundry done(it's never ending). 

Last night wasn't fun either, so my solution is to see today as a new day, a fresh start. Please send me positive vibrations and love, I promise to soak it all up and send it back in return!
Have a beautiful day!


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