I stumbled upon this "7 Habits of Extraordinary People" recently and I want to share it with you. After reading it, I realized that I'm well on my way to being extraordinary. Wahoo!! Oh and of course, here are some recent photos taken here and there.

The Habit of Awareness
Knowledge is power and it’s the best asset you can possibly have in your life.
Don’t close your eyes to problems you have, but be aware of them and act accordingly.

The Habit of Self-Investment
Next to knowledge, you are your most important asset in this world, so hone it.
This doesn’t have to be expensive. Invest time in yourself by reading books, fictional or not, searching the internet for specific information about time-management, personal growth, productivity and other important areas of your life (but don’t lose yourself in cyber space, be intentional!).
If you can afford it, then go to conferences, travel or take courses that will help you expand your horizon and your comfort zones. Never ever stand still.

The Habit of Early Rising
Early rising is one of the most essential habits to have when you yearn to be extraordinary.  Not only does it give you many more hours in your week, but it also opens your mind and gives you room to think, feel and be.
Set yourself a 30-day challenge to wake up at 5.30 or (if you’re super brave) earlier than that. Once you get used to the promising and fulfilling hours of the morning, you’ll never want to do without them again.

The Habit of Exercising
Exercise equals energy. If you don’t do it, you feel sluggish, drained and just not as empowered as you could be.
Get in an hour of intentional exercise a day, test your limits and you’ll see how not only your energy level, but also your self-confidence increases by leaps and bounds.

The Habit of Self-Love
Being in tune with who you are is a can’t-do-without element of success in all areas of life. Spend time getting to know yourself, your values and beliefs. Practice self-care on a daily basis by journaling, eating well, unplugging, playing and resting.Having a deep and intimate relationship with yourself will give you peace of mind, clarity and energy for much more important and effective things than hating upon your beautiful self.

The Habit of Gratefulness
Yes, we want more and we want it now, but looking at what we have is crucial for self-fulfillment and self-transformation. If you constantly look at what you don’t have, it’s easy to become bitter, envious and stuck.
By practicing sincere gratefulness for all the people in your life, all the opportunities you’ve had, the luxury you live in, you’ll have perspective of what is truly important.

The Habit of Relationships
Surround yourself with mentors, people who are where you want to go and peers who are seeking wisdom and constant growth themselves. There’s so much to be learned in this world and what better way to do that than from those who share your attitude of self-empowerment? Practice an attitude of humble learning. Soak up the wisdom of others and implement it in your own life.

Frankly, being extraordinary is not that difficult, all it takes is intention and action. It’s entirely up to you!


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  1. Yes, love this!!! Being the best "me" I can be!
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