Our little sweet thing has discovered the swing. I'm not kidding when I say you better watch out.. EVERY time she gets in a swing she is beaming with smiles and laughter. The first video is of her very first swinging experience at a local park. The second...ohhh the second. Once again her very special pop has built something really special. We really are blessed with great builders in our families..between John's fabulous Grandpa who built Harlow's stunning bassinet, and my wonderful step father who has built our beautiful pergola and this super sweet swing. The pup really loves this new swing too, well anything she likes, he likes of course.

harlows first swing from Elise Nicole K on Vimeo.

 Building her chair, hand cut, hand made..all from a picture

My Momma staining it Sea Foam Green

Harlowandliiswinging from Elise Nicole K on Vimeo.


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  1. Dear Elise Nicole,
    Love Love Love the videos!! Thank you Darlin for your sweet words. We really had fun doing this for Harlow, you and John as I know John's Grandpa enjoyed making her beautiful bassinet. It's a special feeling doing something like this for ones you love so much.