I'm in love with gardening and have big ideas for our backyard area :)*pause here to day dream* I have been swooning over a pair of HUNTER Wellies for myself and of course Harlow. I know she's not even crawling yet, but I know she will love them one day all too soon, since she spends time in "her" garden with me everyday.

I'm feeling like these rain/gardening boots are more so in the near future for at least my little piggies after we discovered over 5, that's right count them.. 5 huge spiders resembling black widows/brown widows (three for absolute sure, yikes!) during an excavation of a overgrown plot of Lantana recently. Today I will be making a homemade spider repellant and I'm sure you'll see it in a post in the next few days.

Maybe I should be Debbie Reynolds for Halloween.. Then I would need these boots to complete my "Singin' in the Rain" costume...hmmm..


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