One of our favorite places in our city is the San Diego Botanical Gardens. 4 miles of trails on 37 acres, and the West Coast's largest interactive Children's Garden.. I can't wait for Harlow to be able to explore that part! You can spend a whole day there and still not see everything there is to offer! Our little babe is mesmerized by all the plants, waterfalls, ponds, birds, butterflies etc. It's no wonder though, cause I am a plant freak! We wandered around the sub tropical fruit, herb & tea, and rainforest gardens. We also ventured into the bamboo garden and decided to lay the blanket down in a super sweet grove of bamboo so Harlow could "picnic".. that was until a extra friendly mosquito landed on her head and we popped right back up to find a new spot. Did I mention that only half an hour earlier a sweet New Zealand family by the waterfall informed us of the West Nile Virus that's now being seen in the states? (planting mosquito repelling herbs in the garden this weekend)

Anyway, I LOVE gardens and well really anything outdoors. Here are a few shots of our last adventure getting botanical with our very lovely friend Auntie Jenna! Some taken with instagram (follow me at elisenicolek) and others with my DLSR. Enjoy your weekend!


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