Happy Hump day! Wow, that came fast! I am SO excited that this week is almost over, we have a few things we are really looking forward to come this weekend! Yesterday morning was well spent in our courtyard garden. I adore this space in our home and have plenty of ideas for it.. pergola, bird feeders, citrus tree, fountain, you know etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. We spend a lot of time out there cooking, relaxing with a glass of wine (kombucha for me) and sharing laughs with our friends and family. Anyway, I've longed for herbs in our garden since day one, and I finally took the plunge and picked some up at the local Farmer's Market. I knew which ones I wanted to start with thanks to our neighbors, whom let their pooch decorate their back patio with items of which they like to let bake in the sun all day. They are really sweet people, and I don't mean to be harsh, but it's no fun trying to keep a BILLION flies our of your back patio and even worse in your kitchen. So, I've started with Sage, Basil, Lavender English Mint, and Rosemary. I must say that planting these things was intoxicating! Just one brush of the leaves and each plant smells up the whole area! Mission Accomplished!! Each of these herbs is a sweet savory yummy smell to us, and a not so attractive smell to mosquito's (see my post here about our mosquito scare) and flies.

 Our little herbs (3 for $5!)

 English Mint

 A tiny Lavender sprig

The English Mint planted perfectly in the window box, I hear it will spread like wildflowers, so I started small. 

Rosemary sprig next to the back doorway 

Of course the wee ones hung out with me as I gardened. 

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