Dishes, baby, laundry, baby, sweeping, baby, vacuuming, baby, did I eat?, baby, etc etc etc etc and trying to fit it all in during Harlow's short but sweet naps.. holy cow I NEED some YO-GA.. for right now a cup of coffee and a long as I can before she wakes up again meditation will have to do.. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day! And if you're recovering from a not so fun yesterday, and a "my baby wakes up a lot at night" evening like I am, just remember.. 'This too shall pass". In an effort to shake the funk, I'm thinking I'll write down 10 things I'm grateful for while I sip coffee. I had a beautiful sunrise walk this morning with my little girl and pup, I spent some time beautifying the garden and today is John's last day of EMT school! *insert happy dance here*

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  1. ahhh yes.. I remember the frazzled days well.. that's when it would be great to still live in tribes.. when your job would just be to lie back on your bearskin rug and make milk for baby..:) but yes it does pass.. I can't believe my last little 'frazzle maker' just started Kindergarten xxxxxx