Yup it's where I've been hiding out! Or maybe la la land rather? We have a beautiful new pergola built by Harlow's super special and fun Pop (and Lolli)! (see video below of Harlow laughing at her Pop) We are so so super grateful and excited about the addition to our garden courtyard! The past week was go go go, and I haven't been near the computer, but don't worry because I have lots of pictures to share and I'm back! Trips to the zoo, meditation garden, walking around Encinitas, Coronado Island and lots more. But for this post, I'm going to share our super fantastic amazing pergola! Woo hoo!!

Teamwork as you can see

Harlow loved watching all the building

quick shot from Harlow's room

Break to play!

Of course when the mister got home he dove in on the action




BAM!! Pergola AND Bench!

Just wait until I start decorating!


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