Last night started off completely normal, with a happy almost giggling baby in her element of water (bath time). We get her dressed for bedtime and BAM! all of the sudden we had a uncontrollable unconsolable baby girl. She was crying so hard she couldn't catch her breath, not to mention that this cry sounded so different from anything we had heard from her.. which is crazy since we were blessed with a colicky little one. John and I looked her over and I ended up stripping both her and I down with just a soft blanket wrapped around her. This was so we could be completely skin to skin, hoping that it would calm her down because we've read to much about how skin to skin lowers heart rate, blood pressure, regulates breathing and of course is the most comforting.  She had no temperature, and she refused to nurse, so we finally popped a bottle in her mouth and luckily she took it while whimpering still. She only took a small bit from the bottle. Trust me we were as scared as new parents could ever be. About 45 minutes after it started, she had exhausted herself so much that she fell asleep in John's arms. As soon as our sweet baby girl was finished crying you better believe that this momma's river of tears came rushing in!
About 5 minutes later it started again, with what miniscule amount of energy she had left. We made the decision to take her to the ER and got into the car. We only made it about a mile before we decided to take her back home and just try to put her to bed. She slept a normal night, waking to eat and then woke up her happy smiling self in the AM. Whew!

Today was spent cuddling even more than we usually do as you can imagine. Here are some instagram photos from this past week, which was a beautiful and blissful week! I'm going to relax for the rest of the evening.


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  1. Hang in there Little Momma! With the 1st everything is new - you have nothing to go on. She's such a little happy cutie pie - and you a glowing Mommy! Glad all is back to bliss.