SkylineFever & VioletBella

So, sometimes when I have a minute (or 45 because that's exactly how long Harlow naps for) I wander around on blogs and Etsy searching for new and inspiring things and people! This time I found a wonderful blog called Roots and Feathers + Violet Bella by Laura Mazeruk. I absolutely LOVE her blog and her style! I did a little clicking and then came upon her Etsy shop.. a little more clicking and alas! James, her husband has a wonderful Etsy shop too! What's even more groovy is that they dwell in a little town in Texas called Bandera, which is literally a hop skip and a jump from where my family is! There's a little more I found out that makes this small world even smaller, but I'll save that for another time. Anyway, they are such a creative duo and I couldn't help but share! Here are a few of my favorite things from each of their online shops. Guess what else? SkylineFever has a discount code for 15% off right now if you are fast! The code's on the shop page ;) Can you dig it?

(this dress is my absolute favorite,
 Harlow and I are BOTH drooling over this one!)


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