Remember a couple weeks back when I posted about the succulents my momma and I went to pick up here? Well I'm finally feeling really great about their new placement in our home! I must admit, they sat for a little while in the hallway BEGGING to be hung.. I had it all planned out, but I am hesitant to be the one to drill holes in our walls. Lucky for me my SUPER handy friend came down whom I swear knows everything when it comes to power tools. Honestly she had the holes perfectly drilled and helped me put everything up in less than 10 minutes!

As for the reclaimed, reused materials.. the long (6 1/2 foot) piece of driftwood was carried all the way back home on one of my ritual morning 4 mile beach walks by my lovely mother when she was here visiting. People must have thought "wow that's a large walking stick".. or maybe "weiiiirdos!". Either way I had to have it and I'm grateful for it. The glass jar collection is just from jams, pickles, mustard, you name it that I have been saving over the past 6 months. Our fence in the courtyard had the little hooks in it and weren't being used, so I repurposed those. The twine used for the jar "hangers" were easy enough to make by just tying knots in a mini hammock pattern, and I used a couple curtain brackets to hold the stick up. Since we are in earthquake friendly California, I used some cotton white line to tie the wood to the brackets (just in case). The only thing we didn't already have or wasn't found were the succulents and the cactus soil, so all in all only $25 was spent on this whole project. The best part about having succulents in glass jars is that the jars don't drain so you really only water these babies maybe once a month.Voila!!

We had some succulents left over since I didn't want to overcrowd the driftwood, so I just made mini gardens in terra cotta pots for our bedroom. I love having plant life to wake up to. I'm thinking someday our house will be FULL of luscious green plants everywhere!! (what do you think John?) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! It's back to the painting studio for me!