Some for baby, some for her pops, and some for momma. Now, listen here mr bunny..I am counting on you coming by tonight and leaving this basket of goodies for us! Don't let me down! ;)

1. Swami's Playsuit spring wetsuit by Seea $150

2. White Vans Authentic Lo Pro $45

3. Montessori Natural Wooden Teething and Learning Toy Set $34 on Etsy

4. Yogi In Training Onesie (LOVE!) $26 at Organic Baby

5. Incubus Tickets.. yup they are coming to SD April 27th! $70 at Ticketmaster

6. John needs this super rad shirt too.. $25 (his style is awesome on it's own; I don't dress him. Let's be clear though.. I would love to look at him in this shirt.)


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