I have fallen in love again! But this time with a necklace..
We have 7 (give or take) weeks until our little girl will be here, and all I can keep thinking about is what I will take with me to the birthing center. John check, Candles check, music check, essential oils check, Ganesha in some way or somehow....not checked yet. Ganesh is the symbol of wisdom, intelligence, education, prudence, luck and fortune. He is the remover of obstacles. He has been the one thing I always think of when faced with any decision or new journey. Literally I have Ganesh posted up in our home in more than a couple places.  John can attest that when we go to the zoo, I get MOST excited about the elephants.. and after gawking at them for quite some time I try to figure out ways to let them back into the wild (still working on that).  Anyway, after a couple weeks of looking around I have found a way to bring this wonderful elephant into our birthing room. A necklace! Eeek!! What's even more exciting about it? It also has Green Onyx which gives strength and stamina. (<--perfect yea?) It encourages happiness and good fortune. (Fortune defined as "things that happen or are to happen to a person in his or her life.") So.. Prana Jewelry, one of my favorite jewelry boutiques is where I found this beautifully perfect necklace.. What do you think? might want to wipe that drool off your keyboard.. it's okay I did the same thing, our little secret. 

I thought I would also share with you one of my favorite artist's rendition of Ganesha. The piece is by Valentina Ramos originally from Venezuela but now resides in sunshine soaked Miami, Florida. She uses paints and rapidograph pens to create the most amazing illustrations! I swear I would have my whole life drenched in her work if I could. What's even more amazing? Because I follow her blog, I am excited that I can say she is also having a baby girl this summer! Check out her work and pick me up an iphone case at ;).

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday, and if it gets hectic just call on Ganesha to get you through.

P.s. Tomorrow SaltWaterDiary is featuring a really amazing photographer, and she is offering a REALLY rad giveaway! EEEeeppp!!!

Tiny post update- I am SO thrilled! I was just gifted this necklace by my sweet sweet Momma for my upcoming birthday! Instead of drool on my keyboard it's now tears of joy and appreciation. So smitten!

Also, just to show you how much I truly love Prana Jewelry I wanted to highlight their comment on this blog post which you can also find below! 



  1. Oh my goodness! That necklace is just perfect! I found this wonderful piece of art that combines Ganesha and the Omh

    I love the design and plan on getting it as a tattoo and because of your love of Ganesha I figured I would share it with you!

  2. Thanks so much for including us on your blog. I loved the connection for the piece to your life. Love it !

    I would love to extend a 15% discount to you and your followers
    use the code "myhomeboyganesha"

  3. Madeline, that's beautiful! You'll always have a reminder.
    PranaJewelry, I am HONORED and BLISSFUL that you have created this offer!! Thank you from the depths of my soul!