1 -Women's Vans Suede Authentic in this lovely light grey $50

2 -Melali Drifter Sessions DVD.. both the sountrack and the film are rad! $24.95 (helps when you've seen them live too! whoop!)

3 - Rockabella Jewels, Maui baby puka shell bangle.. because my lil one needs this when she gets here.. $55

4 -Ahoi! Iphone Case by Bianca Green on Society6 $35

5 -"I'm so Happy" print from GraphicAnthology's Etsy shop $18.. which by the way they have 10% off until Feb 15!

6 -Ummm I a.d.o.r.e. these rainbow pinwheel cookies! I honestly might go in the kitchen and bust them out right now!! You can too if you like! Here's the recipe!


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  1. Rockabella jewels are awesome! And heck yeah Melali live!!! You have good taste.